Die ERIK-SATIE-Gesellschaft - Internationale Vereinigung

„The Value of music – Music as a spiritual form of art?“ was the theme of a pioneering symposium in Königsfeld (Black Forest). For 10 years Königsfeld has been a generator of valuable impulses regarding Albert Schweitzer: Music is language and communication, Time, Art, Music, On listening to music, understanding it and experiencing it. This year's symposium is the sixth event in a 10-year series. This year there were three concerts: a four-hour organ sound installation, a lecture and discussion session with South West Radio and as a climax the founding of the Erik Satie Society – International Union. Participants in the Königsfeld Symposium were: Prof. Dr. Jean-Pierre Armengaud, Paris ; Prof. Wolfgang Baumgratz, Bremen; Prof. Moritz Eggert, Munich; Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Houben, Dortmund; Students of the College of Music Trossingen under the leadership of Prof. Wolfgang Wagenhäuser and Prof. Raluca Chifane-Wagenhäuser; The Erik Satie Vocal Quartet with Henrike Nonnenmann-Heckner (Sopano), Anna Katharina Kalmbach (Alto), Ralf Hecker (Tenor) and Malte Fischer (Bass). Conception of programme and its organisation was by Michael Grüber.

Partners and supporters of the event were College of Music, Trossingen; Society of Friends of the Organ (GdO); Foreign Office Berlin – Office for Franco-German Co-operation and ORFACE – Oberservatoiry of Franco-German relations for European Construction.

(Dr. Heribert Houben, Krefeld)