Die ERIK-SATIE-Gesellschaft - Internationale Vereinigung

At last! The time has come! Not 840 years but 90 years after his death and one year before the 150th anniversary of his birth it finally arrived: the founding of the Erik Satie Society – International Union. The founders want to send out a world-wide signal with the founding of the society on 24th. October 2015 in Germany. Satie is one of the great French composers and his music is valued! This was the essence of the Königsfeld Symposium on the weekend of 23rd.- 25th. October 2015: „Hardly a breath – On the value of music – Music as a spiritual form of art?“

The enthusiasm for Satie began in Königsfeld (Black Forest ) in 2013 with the performance of „Vexations“. From this grew significant links to Paris and to important political focal points of Franco-German partnership and co-operation. The founding of the society as a formal event was the culmination of two years of careful planning. The founding members of the society are:

Prof. Dr. Jean-Pierre Armengaud, Paris; Johannes Bair, Renningen; Prof. Moritz Eggert, Munich; Frank Fierke and Monika Golla, Starzach; Michael Grüber and Christa Stiegenroth, Horb; Ralf and Henrike Heckner, Horb; Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Houben, University of Dortmund; Uli Kieckbusch, Balingen; Prof. Dr. Martin Loritz, Leopold Mozart Centreof the University of Augsburg; Prof. Dr. Ludwig Striegel, University of Mainz; Prof. Wolfgang and Prof. Ralucca Wagenhäuser, Music College Trossingen.

The founding patrons of the new society are: the Town Council of Königsfeld represented by the Mayor Fritz Link; College of Music Trossingen and the College of Music, University of Mainz.

“The goal of the association is to promote activities dedicated to the French composer ERIK SATIE (1866 – 1925): to organize world-wide events devoted to the works and the memory of Erik Satie. The goal of its constitution shall be accomplished especially through the organization of academic and educational events, placing of research assignments, publication of books and sheet-music connected to Erik Satie. Further activities shall include events and competitions”. This is taken from the constitution of the society. The website www.Erik-Satie.org gives further information.

(Dr. Heribert Houben, Krefeld)